Who we are and what we do

Our programmes

Our programmes create the opportunity for personal, emotional and relational learning insights that ultimately enable people to process and resolve their difficulties, form better relationships with others, and reach their full, unique potential.

  • Resilience and regulation – strategies for life

    This programme addresses a wide range of problems that emerge from difficulties in emotional and relationship management.

    By increasing personal awareness, we are able to recognise and manage our emotions and triggers more effectively.

    As we become more resilient, we are better equipped to set healthy boundaries and build positive connections and relationships in order to create and live the life we want.

  • Understanding Behaviour – from self-sabotage to successful strategies

    Follows on from Resilience and Regulation – Strategies for Life

    This programme explores psychological frameworks, which help to explain our behaviour. By discovering which core beliefs drive our emotions, thoughts and behaviours, we are able to separate ourselves from our coping strategies.

    This allows us to determine which strategies are successful and replace those that are sabotaging our lives and preventing us from reaching our full unique potential.

  • Depression – activate your life

    In this programme we help you to explore the behavioural patterns of depression and learn how these behaviours impact your mood. We support you to make strategic changes that will help you alleviate your depression and take charge of your life.

  • Anxiety – rewire your anxious brain

    This programme helps you to understand the differences between worry, anxiety, panic and fear.

    We teach you how to identify where your anxiety comes from and use healthy coping strategies to modify your thought patterns and manage distress.

  • Understanding your neurodiversity

    This programme helps you to understand your neurodiversity and the challenges you may face on a daily basis. We resource you to manage overwhelm more successfully, develop healthy coping strategies, feel more confident and improve your relationships.

  • Understanding neurodiversity

    This programme helps to demystify neurodiversity. We explore diagnostic criteria, challenging behaviour and coping strategies, as well as supporting and resourcing those working with or caring for neurodiverse people with alternative, more successful, communication and regulation techniques.

  • Resourcing children through family therapy

    This programme helps children to cope, and resources parents to support themselves and their children through times of distress.

    We provide a safe space that enables honest communication and recognition for all individuals, helping to create family harmony and resilience.

  • Horses for Forces

    This programme addresses the needs of veterans struggling to transition successfully into civilian life following military service.

    By helping veterans to recognise their triggers and manage their difficult emotions more effectively, they are able to improve their ability to connect and communicate more successfully with family, friends, and the wider community. This can often lead to better employment opportunities.

    Horses for Forces Plus 1

    Under the Horses for Forces umbrella, we also run a programme to resource those closest to veterans, and help them to understand how their loved one’s difficulties may affect their daily functioning, relationships and family life.

    Resourcing Forces Families

    This programme addresses a wide range of difficulties that can affect forces’ families, with a particular focus on helping children to cope, and resourcing parents to support themselves and their children through times of distress.

    We provide a safe space that enables honest communication and recognition for all individuals, helping to create family harmony and resilience.

  • Individual trauma therapy

    Horse Time also delivers bespoke programmes of individual trauma therapy. We recommend attendance of at least the Resilience and Regulation workshop programme before beginning individual work.

    This prepares beneficiaries by increasing self-awareness and understanding of their experiences, and resources them with the tools they need to build the resilience required for successful trauma processing.

    Attending additional workshop programmes has a positive impact on the efficacy and sustainability of therapeutic outcomes.

Horse therapy
Trauma therapy with feedback from horses
Horses helping humans
Resilience and regulation programmes with horses

Our team

The success of our team lies in the individual skill set and experience each member brings to the delivery of our programmes. This combined with our value-based approach enables us to provide the best possible experience and outcomes for each beneficiary.


Our funders

Horse Time would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for all their support:

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust | Aubrey Capital | The Berwickshire Community Fund | The Berwickshire Housing Association (BHA) | The Berwickshire Association for Voluntary Services (BAVS) | The Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund | The Corra Foundation | The Dalby Charitable Trust | Mrs Jackie Siddle | The Mainhouse Charitable Trust | The Souter Charitable Trust | The Supporting Communities Funding Scheme | The Thornton Foundation | The Worshipful Company of Carmen

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Horse Time SCIO, The Steading, Little Swinton, Coldstream, Berwickshire TD12 4HH

We are located on a farm called Little Swinton in
the Scottish Borders, approximately 12 miles from Berwick-upon-Tweed.


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